Why Figma is the winner?

12 Reasons Why Figma is far better than other UI/UX tools

For the past few days, I was searching for the best designing tool.. And as I was doing research I found that there are hundreds of tools for designing user interfaces, so I research a lot in deep and found only 3 tools that designers love to use nowadays.. Sketch, Xd, Figma

So I tried all of them for gaining a more personal experience.. and shockingly I found that Figma is far better than all other UI/UX tools.. And in this article, I’m going to tell you all the reasons that made me fall in love with Figma..

Disclaimer: Figma doesn’t give me a single penny for writing this.. I’m writing this for providing knowledge and helping designers like you for choosing a better tool, as I think designers are like plumbers.. by using the best tool, they can do their work accurately and efficiently..

Therefore I’m going to share some of the reasons that I feel make Figma the Winner in the battel of design tools.. so let’s start..

#1 Figma is Best for Collaboration

Neither Xd nor Sketch done it so much accurately.. Yes, they implemented the collaboration feature when they see Figma is winning the game of collaboration.. but both of them have restrictions in collaboration..

As Figma is a Web-based tool the client or other co-designers doesn’t have to install the Figma app on their machine.. it makes the whole work a lot easier.. whereas, in Xd and Sketch, they have to install them on their machine..

And one shocking thing I noticed is that many Sketch, Adobe Xd users switch their files to Figma every time they want to collaborate with their clients and designers.. Yes, this is a great idea, but brother if you have to use Figma then use it fully why you’re wasting your time.

Many big companies like Uber, Zoom, Spotify started using Figma as their organization tool for designing because it helps in better collaboration among their team members.. especially in the pandemic situation..

Some of the Quick points that sum-up why Figma is a great collaboration tool for designers..

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Figma allows multiple team members of the group.. on a single project that helps in creating a better project in very little time..
  • Embed Projects: This is a little feature of collaboration that comes out to be very handy for large organizations.. as they embed their files on their website to get more and more feedback and comments to improve their design on the development stage..
  • Built-in Commenting: This feature allows designers to comment and give feedback on the design file that allows designers, clients to create a better user-interface design..
  • Platform-independence: One of the most important features that make collaboration more useful is that anyone can collaborate in Figma, who have internet and browser because these are the things all you need for running Figma at a base level.. which means you can run Figma on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome Book, etc..

So, if you want to know more about Figma’s collaboration feature then you can check out the link below..

#2 Figma is a Web-Based Tool

You can use Figma on any system which has browser and Internet support.. whereas other tools like XD, Sketch, etc.. you can’t do that.. because they are system-based tools..

Where Xd is available for Windows, macOS.. The sketch is only available for macOS which means from all the best tools only Figma is platform-independent..

Let’s quickly see some of the benefits of Figma for being platform-independent..

  • Wide Customer Base: As Figma is platform-independent it means anyone can use Figma for designing.. this means all Chrome Book users, Linux users will use Figma.. because it is one of the best tools that available for their system.. as Xd and Sketch will not work on their PC that creates a big Customer Base because of the monopoly..
  • Easy Collaboration: As I said above Figma has a big benefit of collaboration because of platform-independence..

Note: There are many web-based tools on the internet for interface Designing like Marvel, UXPin, etc.. but Figma is far better than those because of all the reasons coming next..

#3 Figma Plugins

The most important relief is that you don’t have to go on various site to find and download the plugin for Figma.. you can find all of them in one place, inside the Figma Community tab

Adobe XD and Sketch also has plugins support but installation and download of all plugins su*ks!!

Whereas in Figma you just have to simply click on the install button and then that plugin will install in a sec.. because Figma is a web-based tool that makes this process a lot easier..

Some Essential Figma Plugins:

  • Unsplash: Basically, it is a plugin by unsplash.com which provides you very useful stock image for free.. it has one of the world's biggest image libraries that makes it so special that it is one of the highest installed plugins on Figma..
  • Content Reel: A plugin by Microsoft that helps designers in putting real-world data inside their design that makes their design look much more realistic.. They provide Avatars, Images, Icons, Names, Phone Number etc..
  • Stories: A plugin by Freepik which contains the biggest library of free illustration.. that you can put inside your design to give them a great visual appearance..

If you want to see some of the other useful plugins that designers use and I recommend then must read my article where I discussed 20 Essential Figma Plugins.. Click the link is below

#4 Figma Workspace Features

I love the Features Figma has put inside the workspace that helps you in designing better interface design, illustration, graphics, etc..

Let’s see some of the most useful Workspace Features that make Figma a better tool..

  • Pages: This feature helps designers in separating their design work inside a single project.. which means you don’t have to create hundreds of projects you can just add a page and it is just like a new project.. it helps in design big project with a lot more clarity
  • Frames: The Frames are just like the father of artboard.. Where Xd uses artboards the Figma uses Frames Frames are the base screen on which you can put other elements.. the important thing about frames is that every element you put inside the Frames groups up which reduces a lot of effort by users.
  • Inspect Tab: The Inspect tab is less for designers but more for developers.. it helps in easily exporting your base of Design into code for iOS(Swift), Android(XML), Website(CSS) that helps designers and developers in long run..
  • Others: There are hundreds of features like Auto-Layout, Shadow Spread, Smart Animation, Custom Ease, Swiping, Arc, etc.. that I can’t tell you in this article.. check out the link below to see other features listed by Figma on their site..

#5 Figma Community

Figma Community provides Plugins, UI Kits, illustration Kit, Icons Kit, Mockups, Typography Kits for Free which is so helpful for a designer..

The important thing is that You just have to click the Duplicate button and that file will be yours.. then you can edit, customized them according to your need..

You just have to go to the Community Tab to enjoy the unlimited Free resources provided by all Figma Designers..

If you want to see some of the Essential UI Kits that really worth using then click the link below to read my article where I discussed some of my favorite Free UI kits for Figma

#6 Prototyping

But Figma is not a prototyping tool in the first place, it is a collaborative tool and at this point, Figma wins the case of prototyping too.. let me tell you why..

Figma Prototyping is share-able, embed-able, and works as perfect as Xd prototyping once it loads fully.. it has many animations features too just like ease-in, ease-out, etc..

Live prototyping with teams with feedback helps a lot in collaboration and this is the feature Xd, Sketch isn’t offering..

#7 Handoff

The important thing I’m mentioning this feature not only because of Inspect Tab (Figma’s Own Features for Handoff) but I’m discussing because many Figma Plugins also assist you to successfully export your design into code..

By using Figma Plugins you can generate code like HTML, CSS, Flutter, Swift, etc.. with so much ease..

And also there are many export plugin available like Zeplin, Avocado, Sympli, etc.. that helps in better exporting of design to code..

#8 Integration

Many big companies like Coda, Notion, Trello, Dropbox, Zeplin etc.. have launched their integration that helps designers in taking advantage of all other tools by just using Figma..

Experimentation, as I said above when a tool has a high audience more tools love to integrate with it.. one of the best examples is Bravo Studio, a tool that allows you to convert Figma design into the real application for android, iOS.. it is a kind of experimentation and if really works it helps designers, developers a lot..

#9 APIs and Extensions

The API’s helps developers to create something that community between different tools that really helps in transferring their one task from Figma to something another..

Bravo Studio also uses some APIs for creating their tool that helps in converting Figma design into a real application.

It’s a kind of thing that designers feel boring but it is really helpful..

Personally, I’m not a developer or a person will great knowledge about APIs, so if I’m missing out on something you can give this article you’re response.. I’ll be thankful.

If you want to read more about this particular topic then you can go to Figma’s own APIs page that tells a lot about it..

#10 Design System

Many big corporations and organizations have their own design system inside which they placed different elements at the specific places that the whole designing will become a lot easier.. and you don’t have to struggle hard to find the specific elements one it requires..

Figma offers features like pages, reusable components, varients, shareable assets, shareable styling, libraries, etc.. that collectively help in creating a better design system..

This is one of the reasons many big companies like Uber, Zoom, Spotify, Dropbox, Microsoft, etc.. use Figma as their main designing tool..

#11 Experience

When all the features like collaboration, prototyping, designing system, components, handoff, plugins, etc.. come together they create an amazing experience that designers love to take.. the overall usability makes Figma the real winner..

Figma provides all resources like stock images, illustration, icons, fonts, animation, handoff with its wide range of plugins..

Figma Provides free resources like UI Kits, Components Kit, Design System Kits, illustration Kits, icons Kit with the help of Figma Community..

And much more that I’ve discussed above in the article.. and really this is the experience that every person love to take..

#12 Updates

When Figma first comes it doesn’t have any Plugin support after that the tool updated and we see the flood of the great plugin in Figma..

The latest major thing is Figma’s Community Tab.. which provides freebies uploaded by one designer to another.. that is great..

And Figma continuously updates its features according to the need of the designers..

Most Importantly, Figma is a Web-Based tool, therefore, you don’t have to update it regularly as it will automatically load with the new updates that is also one of the best things about Figma..


If in the future something tragic happens that makes Xd or Sketch much more useful then I’ll tell you in another article so subscribe to my account for great design-related articles.. but for now, enjoy using Figma because it is the Winner.. thanks for reading